God Will Provide!

One of the greatest worries that most people experience is provision. Whether it be the finances to “make ends meet”, a healing, a relationship or something else. We worry because there is a need missing in our lives and we do not think that need will ever be met. We pray, but sometimes, we stop praying because that prayer never seems to be answered.

In Ezra 7:20 we read, “20 And whatever more may be needed for the house of your God, which you may have occasion to provide, pay for it from the king’s treasury.” Did you know that all we need to do is ask the Lord and He will provide from the treasury that He has stored up?

Sometimes, the needs that never seem to be met are being met, but in a different way than we thought. Even though we may be in need of something, God’s hand is still upon us. If we continue to cry out to Him, that prayer will be answered from “the king’s treasury”.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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