What Do You Long For?

Whenever I do a 21 day fast, there comes a point when I begin to think about what my “first meal” will be after my fast is finished. As that day draws closer, I think more about what it will taste like and how much I will enjoy it.  All of us have things in our lives that we treat the same way — we think of it often and with great pleasure.

In Job 6:8 we read, ““Oh, that I might have my request, That God would grant me the thing that I long for!” Job had one request and it was his desire that God would give it to him.

When you look at your lives and your prayer life, what is it that you long for? What is it that you find yourself praying for most often? Is it your relationship with Jesus? Is it a healing for someone you know? It is a blessing that you desire? Is it about Jesus at all? Remember, as we pray, we should pray and long for what the Lord desires — a true and meaningful relationship with you.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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