The Voice

I will always remember my mom’s voice. For the most part, I remember a happy, upbeat voice that would comfort me, make me feel good, let me know that everything was going to be alright. But, unfortunately, I also remember “the voice”. I didn’t hear it often, but “the voice” would occur when my mom was not happy about something. Just by “the voice” I could tell she was serious and she meant business. Did you know that the Lord also has “the voice”?

In Revelation 16:17-18 John writes, “17 Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, “It is done!” 18 And there were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on the earth.” Simply with words, Jesus shows us His power and authority. “It is done” and “it is finished”, once said from His mouth, caused the earth to shake and temples to crumble.

Never forget that our Lord has “the voice”, the power and authority, to shake the earth and heavens. His words are enough to bring fear to the enemy and comfort to His Children.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

Why Hasn’t God Answered My Prayer?

“Why hasn’t God answered my prayer”? How many times have we asked that question after a long period of praying and waiting? We asked for something, we waited for something, yet nothing happened. Why? Well, that is a great question and, I hate to admit that we will never know the “why’s” that we ask. I can tell you one thing, however. The Lord does answer all of our prayers.

In John 14: 14 it states, “14 If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.”

Jesus reminds us that when we ask in His name, He will answer. And, His answer will always be “yes”, “no, I love you too much to do that”, “not yet” or “I have something even better for you”. If you don’t think that the Lord has answered your prayer, maybe you are looking for the wrong thing.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

Who Has Control Over Sin?

It has been discovered that one of the main causes of fear in our lives is the lack of control over something. Many people fear flying because they are “not flying the plane”. Others do not like doctors/dentists because they don’t know what the doctor is going to do.  There are many things that we don’t have control over and because of that many people live in fear. Did you know that this also applies to our spiritual lives?

In John 13:8  we read, “Peter said to Him, “You shall never wash my feet!” Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.” Jesus reminds Peter it is only Jesus that has control over the affects of sin in our lives.

While we may be fearful that we have no control over certain aspects of our lives, be thankful that Jesus and only Jesus has control over the affect of sin in our lives. As Jesus said, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.” Let Jesus wash you clean today.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

You Are the Light of the World!

“You Are the Light of the World” is a very popular song that is sung in Sunday school in churches. Jesus is the light of the world! He is what takes away the darkness. He is what gives us light to see. Yes, Jesus is the light, but did you know that you are what He uses to shine His light into the world?

In John 12:36 John writes, “36 While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.” These things Jesus spoke, and departed, and was hidden from them.”

Jesus has called us to the the “lampstand” that holds His light and lets it shine to those around us. No, we are not the light of the world, but we hold the “light of the world”. Let His light shine for all to see, all to feel, all to love.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

What Do You Tell People?

When I was younger, I never really talked to people about Jesus. No, I don’t mean verbally, but physically — through my actions. Quite honestly, even if I would have tried to “talk” to people about Jesus, my actions would have silenced my mouth. There are many ways that we can “talk” to people about Jesus. Our mouth is one way. But, I believe the best way, the loudest way is through our actions.

In John 12:9-11 we read, “Now a great many of the Jews knew that He was there; and they came, not for Jesus’ sake only, but that they might also see Lazarus, whom He had raised from the dead. 10 But the chief priests plotted to put Lazarus to death also, 11 because on account of him many of the Jews went away and believed in Jesus.” Isn’t it interesting that Lazarus, who did not speak, “spoke” to the Jews and many “believed in Jesus”?

We must always remember that our actions will tell more about Jesus than our words.  Our actions will tell people about what Jesus means to us. Our words will tell people about what Jesus can mean to them. As you look at your daily activities, “what do you tell people”?

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

No Other Option

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you had “no other option”? Maybe is was related to a job situation, financial situation, even a relationship. For whatever reason, you were left feeling like the option in front of you was the only option that was available. For good or bad, you had to take it because it was all you had. Well, when it comes to our spiritual walk, did you know that we only have one option, but it is also the best option?

In John 6:68-69  we read, “68 But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69 Also we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Peter realized that for his life, there was only one option — Jesus.

In our own lives, we must also come to the point and realize that there is only one option, the true option, the best option — Jesus. It is Jesus and only Jesus that is the Word of eternal life, the Christ, the Son of the living God. To whom shall we go? Jesus!

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

Feeding 5,000 at Christmas

At Christmas, our church does a Christmas morning outreach to the homeless in our community at a local park. We give them a warm meal, give them presents and, most importantly, give them Jesus. Several years ago, when we used to do it in downtown LA, we were faced with “an interesting situation”. As our guests arrived, I noticed that there were more guests that food or gifts. I immediately began praying for the Lord to feed “the 5,000 that morning”. What else could we do?

In John 6:5-6  John tells us, “Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” But this He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do.”

Well, the Lord answered our prayers that morning. Not only was every guest blessed by food, gifts and Jesus, we had some leftover! The only answer I have is Jesus. As we commit our time, money and resources to the Lord, we need to worry or wonder where it will come from. The Lord will provide in amazing and miraculous ways. If we provide the faith, He will provide the food.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!


Too Many Choices!!!

My family and I recently went to a restaurant that is know for hamburgers (thank you Jesus!). As I looked at the menu, I was overwhelmed with the choices and options. From breads, to vegetables to cheeses there were 100’s of combinations that could be made. I got to the point where I couldn’t even remember the way I usually like my hamburgers. I discovered that if I had too many choices, I would get confused and forget about what really satisfied my hunger. The same can be said about our walk with Jesus.

In John 5:43  it states, “43 I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.” Jesus warns us that if we get confused by “too many choices”, we will forget about Jesus.

As you hear about religions and people preaching religion, don’t be confused and think that there are “too many choices”. Remember that there is only one choice — Jesus. It is Jesus and only Jesus that will satisfy our hunger and give us eternal life.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

The True Source of Life

What is the true source of life? Well, if we are talking physical life, people would tell you food and water. In fact, it has been proven that the human body cannot survive more than 3 days without water. But I am not talking about physical life (you probably had already figured that out). I am talking about true life, eternal life, our spiritual life.

In John 5:24  we read, “24 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.”

Just as we need water and food for physical life, we need JESUS for our eternal life. No, it is not determined by rituals, traditions or other acts. To have eternal life, we must hear His Word, believe in His Word and live His Word.  Jesus has already taken care of everything else for us.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

Where Do You Go?

One of my favorite memories of my mom was the way that she always “celebrated” events in our family. If something good happened at work, we would go out to dinner to “celebrate”. If one of our sons played a good game in sports, we would go out to dinner to “celebrate”. After all school programs and recitals, we would go out to eat to “celebrate”. Do you see a pattern? It seemed that we would always to eat to celebrate events in our family and in our lives. Where do you go to celebrate what the Lord is doing in your life?

In John 5:12-14 John writes, “12 Then they asked him, “Who is the Man who said to you, ‘Take up your bed and walk’?” 13 But the one who was healed did not know who it was, for Jesus had withdrawn, a multitude being in that place. 14 Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” The man, being healed after 38 years of being lame, when to the temple to worship and give thanks.

Where do you go to celebrate what the Lord is doing in your life? Do we immediately go to spend time with Him to worship Him and give thanks? Or, do we get so caught up in what is happening that we completely forget about Him all together? When the Lord answers your prayers, where will He find you?

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!