You Can’t Take It With You…..

I have noticed something strange that happens when we purchase something new.  It seems we spend more time thinking about it before we purchase it than we do after we “own” it.  Whether it be a car, phone, home, clothes, we think about it a lot before we “sign-on-the-dotted line” and very little about it after that. Before we buy it, as we think about it, we get excited, happy, etc. After we purchase it, we think of the bills, the headaches, the “problems” with it.  What happened?

In Job 36:19 we read, “Will your riches, Or all the mighty forces, Keep you from distress?”

The Book of Job reminds us that the things of this world that may bring us temporary joy, will never keep us from the distresses of this world. In fact, they may add to them. The only true way to receive joy and happiness in this world is to receive Jesus. He is your joy. He is your peace. He is your salvation.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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