It Is Time for the Church to Get Dirty!

I think that there is a false belief that church is for the “sin-less” people of the world — those that don’t sin, those that don’t struggle, those that don’t worry. It is because of this belief that many people do not attend church. They do not feel welcome, they do not feel worthy, they do not want to “embarrass” themselves. I was thinking of this today as I was reading.

In Numbers 5:1-4 we read, “And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “Command the children of Israel that they put out of the camp every leper, everyone who has a discharge, and whoever becomes defiled by a corpse. You shall put out both male and female; you shall put them outside the camp, that they may not defile their camps in the midst of which I dwell.” And the children of Israel did so, and put them outside the camp; as the Lord spoke to Moses, so the children of Israel did.

Similar to what the Lord commanded Israel to do with the leper and unclean, I believe that churches and Christians have a tendency to “cast out” the dirty; the sinners. In reality, churches are not filled with “perfect” people, they are filled with people that realize that they are only made “perfect” through Jesus. My prayer for all of us is that the church you attend on Sunday mornings is an inviting and welcoming church to the lost, the lonely, the broken. May we all realize that we are all alike, we are all on the same Journey, we all need Jesus.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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