He Failed to Bow Down

Esther 5:9-14Haman went out that day happy and in high spirits. But when he saw Mordecai at the king’s gate and observed that he neither rose nor showed fear in his presence, he was filled with rage against Mordecai. 10 Nevertheless, Haman restrained himself and went home. Calling together his friends and Zeresh, his wife, 11 Haman boasted to them about his vast wealth, his many sons, and all the ways the king had honored him and how he had elevated him above the other nobles and officials. 12 “And that’s not all,” Haman added. “I’m the only person Queen Esther invited to accompany the king to the banquet she gave. And she has invited me along with the king tomorrow. 13 But all this gives me no satisfaction as long as I see that Jew Mordecai sitting at the king’s gate.” 14 His wife Zeresh and all his friends said to him, “Have a pole set up, reaching to a height of fifty cubits, and ask the king in the morning to have Mordecai impaled on it. Then go with the king to the banquet and enjoy yourself.” This suggestion delighted Haman, and he had the pole set up.

Haman was feeling pretty good about himself. He had just attended a banquet with the king that was prepared by Esther and Esther had asked him to attend another banquet with the king the next day. Haman left this banquet “happy and in high spirits“, but was immediately filled with rage when he passed Mordecai and Mordecai refused to bow down.  Because of that, he plotted to have Mordecai killed the next day.

We all will face moments like Mordecai in our lives where we will have a choice to make. Will we stand with our faith or will we stand to gain favor? It would have been easy for Mordecai to bow down and avoid any problems that might arise, but that would have not been honoring to God. Instead, Mordecai chose to stand with his faith knowing that the Lord would protect him. As you look at your day today, what are you choosing to stand with?

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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