These Are Their Journeys

Most of you are aware that the name of our church is “Journey of Faith”. There are several reasons why that name was chosen. “Journey” was important to me because our church is truly a “Journey” of faith. Only the Lord knows where He is taking us. Each day, we move forward in faith trusting in His plan and His purpose. What has been interesting to me is looking back over all that the Lord has done in the church. In fact, I believe that it is critical to all of our walks to remember where the Lord has taken us.

In Numbers 33:1-2 we read, “33 These are the journeys of the children of Israel, who went out of the land of Egypt by their armies under the hand of Moses and Aaron. Now Moses wrote down the starting points of their journeys at the command of the Lord. And these are their journeys according to their starting points:”

The Lord commanded Moses to write “down the starting points of their journeys”. I believe that the Lord also commands us to write down our starting points and every point along the way. With each day, take time to write down praises to the Lord for His love and greatness. Take time to write down thanksgivings for answered prayers. Take time to write down the lessons learned. Take time to remember and rejoice in how the Lord touched you that day.

I pray for blessings today for you today on your Journey!

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