What Are You Saying?

Ecclesiastes 10:20 – 20 Do not curse the king, even in your thought; Do not curse the rich, even in your bedroom; For a bird of the air may carry your voice, And a bird in flight may tell the matter.

People has a tendency to talk differently about people when they are not around. Perhaps they are not a complimentary towards someone if that person is not present. Maybe they tell a story that sheds a less favorable light on a person if they are not there to defend themselves. Regardless of the reason, conversations seem to be more critical of individuals when they are not around.

Today’s scripture reminds us to not talk poorly about people because “a bird in flight may tell the matter”.  In other words, whatever you say regarding someone else, outside of their presence, has a tendency to get back to them. When that happens we not only hurt the person we spoke of, but we also hurt the Lord. We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. When we speak unkindly of others, we are not really loving as the Lord has called us to. Jesus tells us that if we have offenses against someone, we are to take them directly to that person, not to everyone else around them. Today, what are you saying?

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