Too Much of a Good Thing

Jeremiah 51:7 – Babylon was a golden cup in the Lord’s hand, That made all the earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; Therefore the nations are deranged.
There are many things in life that are good for us. Health, food, money; just to name a few. As we receive the “good things” it seems as though we want more. In fact, not only do we want them, but we feel that we “need” them. That desire for more can take a good thing and make it a very bad thing for us.
It was “too much of a good thing” that caused the fall of Babylon. The Lord had initially blessed them, but it was their desire and want for more that led them away from God. More wealth, more luxury, more gods. “Too much of a good thing” has the tendency of drawing our attention from God and placing it on the things that He created. While it is good to have good things, too much of them prevents them from being “God things”. Never let your want for the “good things” draw you away from the Lord and all the “God things” that He has provided.
I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!


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